This band is amazing!! We hired them to entertain after the awards ceremony for the Pikes Peak Ascent Saturday night [8/21/10]. We had a blast! They are not only great musicians, they are SO much fun. Their performance was the most fun I had all day. If you are looking for a crowd-pleasing band, you could not do better than ACME.
- Susan Ihns

If I were alive today, Acme would be my brand of bluegrass. And remember I cannot tell a lie!
- George Washington

More cowbell!
- Barack Obama

(with British accent) "We really liked the way you wiggled your bum"
- Stryngs and Martin

It was readily evident that you truly enjoy what you do.
- Ann Coy

We saw you last Saturday at the White Fence Farm and really were impressed.
- Billie R. Votodian

We saw/heard you folks for the first time last night at "Picin' in the Pines"! were great!...super vocals, instramentals, and energy! Keep up the good work, we hope to see/hear you again!
- The Greggs

I really appreciate them bringing literary awareness to the forefront of the bluegrass community.
- Jan - former director of Manitou Springs Public Library

I certainly liked the shirts they wore!
- Anonymous

The best blues band I've ever seen! Mission accomplished!
- George W Bush

I guess they were OK, but it really all depends on what your definition of the word "band" is.
- Bill Clinton

Excuse me, where's the men's room?
- A guy named Jim

Keep up the good tunes!
- Rod