Tracy Denson

Bass, vocals

Tracy proves that although patience may be a virtue, a good whack to the back of Sebie's head keeps her stress level low. With a voice as clear as a mountain stream, this New Mexico farmer's daughter can provide vocals to soothe the savage beast. Tracy provides a solid backbone with a steady beat on the ukulele bass. It's easy to see that Tracy, similar to Dolly Parton, has a couple of assets anyone wants in a bluegrass band... a wonderful voice and a love of country music.

Tracy can hold a note longer than the bank can hold your mortgage. A true testament to Tracy's skills can be found in her 'ear-splitting'.... no, that doesn't sound good... how about 'awe-inspiring' rendition of "RUBY". It'll leave you gasping for air.

Sebie Denson

Guitar, Mandolin, vocals

Sebie (better known as Mr. Tracy Denson) plays guitar, sings a bit and talks...and talks...and talks. Although one might think that Sebie is occasionally attempting - and succeeding at - a very sad stand-up comic routine, never let it be said that he lacks energy. He has, in fact, been voted The Wiggliest Man in Bluegrass five years in a row (this fact, oddly, has not made it into Google's database yet). With a true love of bluegrass and an elusive - often non-existent -
hairstyle, the New Mexico native plays as though he was born in the Appalachian Mountains, but with two more teeth. Learning to sing and play from his parents, he continues the family legacy in music.

Willing to do almost anything to please an audience, the band's "bail bond" fund has been seriously depleted for years. Many of the wardens are sympathetic however, and we meet a lot of nice people during our rehearsals there. We do an annual event in Canon City, flanked by many guards. Now you know why (although the exact details are still tied up in court).

John Ramsey

Banjo, vocals

John Ramsey is playing banjo for our little group. John is the undisputed bluegrass ukulele champion of the Front Range. John is also a talented multi-instrumentalist, but he prefers to only play banjo publicly. He has found that people don't put a lot of mental pressure on the banjo player.

Content with his musical anonymity, John wows our audience with bluesy, rock-a-billy banjo as only he can. Talented luthier, musician and yes, even vocalist, watch him closely and listen even closer. John is a 3-time Colorado State Banjo Champion - really! Some surprising quips pop out of nowhere from our demure banjoist. By the by, John has made it popular for men to wear open toed shoes. Just take a look the next time you see us.

Being both tallest and the feller with the most hair, many people are impressed by John's stylish coiffure. With hair color that you can't get from a bottle, (well, maybe some bottles), John proves that altitude is good for growth.

Les Irvin

Mandolin, vocals

Voted as one of the top 5 banjo players in the band for 3 of the last 5 years, Les is diligently honing his vocal skills with Acme. Growing up in Iowa as a fan of anything but bluegrass, he was transformed instantly when David Bromberg and band launched into "Yankee's Revenge" at a festival. He caught the bluegrass bug (and other viruses) right then and there and has only recently finished the series of shots to resolve the issue.

Of course, with the warm weather here, we'll see Les working hard on his new Fall line of Daisy Duke 'man shorts' to be revealed in a few months. He is working on a "speedo-esque" swim trunk. He's been toying with the name. Some of the ideas are: "Junkyard Bunchers", "Crack 'ers", and "Wedgymacallit" Boy, we can't wait to see that.